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Mele Kalikimaka from all of us at KIALOA

This video comes from our Friends at Stand Up Paddle Bend. Happy Holidays!

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Kendog Wilson Continues Victory Quest

Kendog Wilson Continues Victory Quest

Ken "Kendog" Wilson, Kialoa Ambassador, continued on his quest for consecutive SUP victories by finishing 2nd in the Stand Up Paddle Surfing Competition and 1st in the Stand Up Paddle Race at the 15th Annual Noll Long Board Contest October 1st, 2010 in Crescent City, California. Ken used his KIALOA Methane Paddle and surfing skill to ride waist to head hide waves in the surfing division as well as his open ocean paddling skills in the 2 mile open ocean race that featured a Le Mans beach start through the head high surf, continuing a mile out to "Muscle Rock", then returning and paddling & surfing to the finish that featured a run up the beach.

On October 2nd and 3rd, 2010, Ken competed in the prone Long Board Cruisers surfing division and showed his surfing abilities in riding 6 to 10 foot waves at the contest venue at South Beach finishing 3rd in that division.

Ken continues to demonstrate his versatility not only in prone surfing, but also in SUP surfing and open ocean racing competitions.

Submitted by Peter Miller

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The Oregon Open Ocean SUP Classic

Nye beach, Newport, Oregon August 28, 2010

Kenny Wilson

Ken "Ken Dog" Wilson was the first over all finisher and first in the stock SUP boards in the 1st Annual Oregon Open Ocean Classic held in Newport Oregon, 8/28/10. The event started at Beverly Beach, OR and finished 7.5 miles South at Nye Beach, Newport, Oregon. Ken lives in Lincoln City, OR and is a sponsored Kialoa athlete.Kenny Wilson

The start was delayed until 12:30 PM due to fog at Yaquina Head and the contestants faced 2- 4' shore break at the start of the event. The shore break was so challenging that all women competitors could not shoot the shore break and withdrew from the race. Ken was able to beat the shore break, ride the rip tide out, and after paddling a mile west so as to clear Yaquina Head, turned South to Nye Beach. There was a prevailing south westerly wind between 10 - 15 mph that challenged the balance of the contestants. Ken took the lead at the start of the race and was never challenged.Gerry Lopez

Gerry Lopez, Kialoa ambassador, won the unlimited event after having a rough start shooting the shore break. The unlimited class started 20 minutes behind the stock class and Gerry was the 3rd over all finisher, catching all but two contestants. Had the event been an additional mile, Gerry would have probably caught Ken. Gerry demonstrated his surfing talents by catching a wave 100 yards from the finish and riding it into the beach.

Other Bend athletes competing and using Kialoa paddles were Dennis Oliphant and Randall Barna.

Athletes using Kialoa Paddles gathered the over all 1st, 3rd, and 4th finishes.

Guest Post by Peter Miller


The Oregon Surf Shop posted pictures on Facebook Check them out, there are some great shots coming across the finish line!

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StandUp4GreatBear Expedition with Norm Hann

StandUp4GreatBear Expedition

StandUp4GreatBear Expesition

StandUp4GreatBear Expedition from Kitimat to Bella Bella Welcomed by Hundreds
of Supporters
Bella Bella, B.C.– May 19th 2010 - Squamish resident Norm Hann has completed what many thought was impossible. His 385km Stand Up Paddleboard expedition through Canada’s Great Bear Rainforest started in the Haisla Village of Kitimat, B.C on May 8th, and ended yesterday in the Heiltsuk village of Bella Bella, where he was greeted by a large gathering of local residents, including school children, hereditary chiefs, elders and other community leaders. With stops in Hartley Bay, Klemtu and as far west as the Moore Islands, the expedition helped bring awareness to the environmental threat the proposed Enbridge oil pipeline and tanker traffic will have on the Great Bear Rainforest, its people and wildlife. Hann also visited a number of vital food harvesting sites for First Nations, which are at risk from potential oil spills. The expedition served to galvanize support amongst coastal residents in opposition to the proposed oil tanker route.
“It was an incredible journey. The weather allowed us to visit wild and remote places rich in wildlife and traditional foods. This expedition confirmed how special and rare this coastal environment really is. First Nations from Kitimat to Bella Bella expressed how valuable their natural resources are to their livelihood and sense of place. They were in full 100% support of not having oil tankers on our coast. Our team was honoured to be welcomed into their communities and we were fortunate to have their guidance throughout our trip.”
Hann runs Mountain Surf Adventures in Squamish and has been a professional outdoor guide in the Great Bear Rainforest for ten years and is very connected to the land and its people. As a fishing, kayaking, wildlife and bear viewing guide he has introduced people from all over the world to the Great Bear Rainforest.
Post via Norm Hann's Press Release May 12, 2010
Contact Norm Hann for more info

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