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Video: The Connor Baxter Campaign

Video: The Connor Baxter Campaign

With the summer race season merely a few moons away, and the 2015 Standup World Series promising to deliver an unprecedentedly impressive race circuit, contenders are preparing for battle. No contender displays more poise than reigning World Series champ, Connor Baxter. Baxter’s rivalry with Kai Lenny is as healthy as ever, adding ferocity to both competitors’ drive and promising to deliver serious drama in the highly-anticipated 2015 season. Judging from this edit, Baxter’s campaign looks tough to match, but with the likes of Lenny, Casper Steinfath, Kody Kerbox and a hand full of other title-worthy racers nipping at his heals, we’ll have to wait till June in Barcelona to see who’s been making the most of their off-season training.

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Starboard’s Connor Baxter World Champion!

Starboard's Connor Baxter World Champion!

Congratulations to Connor Baxter for winning the 2014 Stand Up World Series World Championship! What a great year Connor is having and it is only fitting that he is the World Champion.

Connor provided a recap for us below. There is no rest for Connor though, the BOP will be in 6 days and he for sure will give all the top Racers a run for their money in this the largest race of the year.

Good luck Connor and all the Starboard team riders!!


The 2014 Huntington Grand Slam was a great event. The contest started off on Tuesday with the trials for the surfing portion. The next day the main event started and I was in heat 10. The waves were funky and super hard to judge where to take off. I was sitting in second place but then Brennan got a great wave which narrowly put me in third place, so I had to go the loser round and had one more chance to make it to round three. So the next day I got ready for my next surf heat with Robin Johnson and Fernando Stella. This was a very close heat between all of us but I edged out the other two guys to advance to round three. This next round I had a super tough heat and surfed my best. But just got edged out.

I had one day to rest before the sprint race on Saturday through the waves. I got an epic meal and a lot of sleep so I was feeling ready to go. I woke up the next day feeling good and got warmed up for the first heat. I went out there for my first heat using 50% of my energy, knowing that I had a bunch of racing to do. I came in comfortably in the lead and that moved me onto the next round. For my next heat I played the same tactic and came in first, which put me into the semi finals.

The semi’s were definitely more stacked and I had to use a lot more energy, especially with the bad start I had. I barely made it into the finals, and I knew that this is the one that I had to be flawless on. I got ready and hit the water with the perfect start heading out to the first turn. I was a little behind but snuck into a wave with Kai, Mo and Casper. I knew I had to do something that was going to give me a lead on Kai coming into the last two events, so I turned right to get in front of Kai and Casper. This gave Mo and I a great lead coming into the second to last turn. I ran around the inside buoy and then got stuck on the inside. Casper and Mo somehow got out just a few board lengths ahead of me. I put my head down and sprinted as hard as possible to catch back up to them. They turned and then I turned shortly after and sprinted my butt of to catch the wave that I knew they would catch. I just got on it and the three of us headed into the beach on that same wave.

It was a crazy double up wave on the inside and Mo and I hung on and jumped off to sprint up the beach. With my longer legs I was able to outsprint him up the beach in first place. I was stoked to win – Because now I was one step closer to getting the overall title.

I rested up and got ready for the next day doing the long-distance. I got the course memorized and headed up to the start line. I was ready to give it my all and claim the title I have been working hard for. The horn blew and I sprinted to the beach and onto my board. There was a set breaking on the inside taking all of us out. I got back on my board and tried to make it over the next one but just fell on my stomach. I was far enough out that I snuck over the next one and was off to the first buoy. I jumped into the train in 5th place and caught my breath. When we turned the buoy there was some small bumps and I love small bumps – so I passed everyone and took the lead. I turned the downwind buoy in first place and started making my way up to the beach run. Everyone pulled behind me going upwind and then Jake was the only one to pull ahead and lead for a bit. Lucky he did this, because both of us barely snuck onto a wave into the beach, which allowed us to take an early lead. Jake and I just stayed out in front holding off the other guys. Always just barely ahead. It finally came to the last lap and I turned on my afterburners. I stayed in the lead most of the way but Jake caught up going to the last buoy. After the buoy turn, we caught the same wave heading to the finish – and then I caught another little bump that he didn’t get on all the way to the beach – coming in 1st place. I was super stoked to have won the event and claim the World Title.

Here are links to a couple of short video’s of the event.

I want to thank my sponsors for all their support – Starboard, Dakine, Maui Jim Sunglasses, Rainbow Sandals, Futures Fins, Argos App, UB Super, Virus Sportswear, Trident Sports, GoPro, OnIt Pro, Waterman’s Sunscreen, Garmin, Igloo Coolers, Hammer Nutrition, iDcard, Sunrite Maui, and Hi-Tech Sports.

Also a big Mahalo to all the event organizers and all the volunteers. Great Event!!

Connor Baxter

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Join his Facebook page
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YouTube channel

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Connor Wins Gorge Event – Clean Sweep!

Connor Wins Gorge Event - Clean Sweep!

ongratulations to Starboard’s Connor Baxter and Annabel Anderson for winning the annual Gorge event in Portland, OR.

These two amazing racers are on a roll this summer, winning just about every race they have entered. We look forward to the next upcoming events on the Stand up World Series (Sept 20) and the BOP (Oct 5).

In the meantime, enjoy this recap by Connor from the Gorge…

The 2014 Columbia Gorge Paddle Challenge was an epic event. It was an action-packed two day weekend with three races.

Day one started with the flat water technical course race. It was about 5 miles – 5 lap course with a lot of buoy turns. All the men competitors were on 14 foot race boards. I had my Starboard 14′ Allstar.

The women went first and after they finished their race all the men lined up. There were about 50 Men Elite paddlers so the start line was packed. And – stacked with the best talent – Danny Ching, Travis Grant, Kai Lenny, Jake Jensen, Georges Cronsteadt, Kody Kerbox, Slater Trout, Chase Kosterlitz – just to name a few.

I was rail to rail with everyone around me, so when the horn blew and I went to take my first stroke I hit the board and went right over the handle bars. By the time I got up I was in about 25th place. I took a deep breath and said the race isn’t over until it’s over and started passing a few people.

When I got to the first buoy I was in about 18th place. Then the drafting line started and I hopped on the side of everyone and used the side wake to catch back up to the front. By the next buoy I was in about 10th and at that turn I passed a few more people.

And the next stretch was longer, so I was able to hop into fifth behind Danny, Jake, Travis and Kai. We all turned a few buoys and I started to notice Kai slowing down so I got on his side and passed him.

And now I was in fourth with 4 more laps to go. I stayed in that spot for a bit and then for the second to last lap I took the lead and led that lap. When we started the last lap the pace picked up behind me – so I did as well to stay in front.

Coming into the fourth to last buoy the pace picked up even more and I made sure to turn that buoy first. Lucky I did – because Georges tried to get the inside and took Danny out – which let Kody and Travis go around. All I heard was a splash and yelling and I took off and tried to hold the guys off until the finish.

I turned left, then right, then made my last left turn into the beach and knew I had it. I sprinted one last time and ran up in first with my board. I was super stoked to have won after that horrible start.

I got some great food and got a lot of sleep for the next days “double downwinder”. When I woke up the river was dead calm and super glassy. So for the two downwinders it wasn’t looking good. I went to the event site and after the meeting – there was still no wind.

As we drove up to the start, it got windier and windier. So as long as there were bumps – I was happy. The girls left 30 minutes before us and then we lined up and again we were super close to each other. So when the horn blew I was up and out. It went from flat to small bumps to bigger bumps and by the time we were halfway to the first buoy the bumps were fun. So Danny, Travis and I were up in front and having fun surfing the bumps.

We all stayed like this until the the next buoy. The wind died – so I knew I needed to get ahead and hold the OC1 paddlers off (Danny, Travis, Georges). Luckily there were some sloshy bumps which I love. So I just kept a steady pace and held the guys off and got to run up the beach with my board in first place.

After that finish, I knew I had another downwinder – so I got some UB Super in me, stretched out and got up to the start line. We had about 30 minutes until the next start. And we all lined up quickly because the wind was lightening up. This time I had a great start and took the lead pretty quickly from Jake. The bumps were there but you had to work hard. So I put my head down and found the rhythm and didn’t look back. I just did the same thing I did last time and held them off again. I ran up with my board for a clean sweep.

I want to thank my sponsors for all their support – Starboard, Dakine, Maui Jim Sunglasses, Rainbow Sandals, Futures Fins, UB Super, Virus Sportswear, Trident Sports, GoPro, OnIt Pro, Waterman’s Sunscreen, Garmin, Igloo Coolers, Hammer Nutrition, iDcard, Sunrite Maui, and Hi-Tech Sports.

Also a big Mahalo to all the event organizers – Steve Gates, the excellent commentating by Al Paterson – and all the great volunteers. Fantastic Event!! A definite must for next year!!!

Connor Baxter

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Starboard’s Connor Baxter and Annabel Anderson Win Showdown!

Starboard's Connor Baxter and Annabel Anderson Win Showdown!

Congratulations to Starboard Team Riders Annabel Anderson and Connor Baxter for the impressive wins over the weekend at the Ultimate SUP Showdown in Waikiki, HI.

Both riders led an all-star cast across the finish line in what some are calling the best new format of SUP racing. The purse was big and equal for both riders ($5000) and the with CBS Network to air the event, we should be seeing a lot more of this racing format to come.

A great performance by all Starboard team riders, and especially with 4 of the 8 women finalist all riding Starboard.

We look forward to a lot more pictures, interviews and recaps from Annabel and Connor soon.

Congratulations to you both!!

Here is a recap from Connor Baxter:

The 2014 Honolua Surf Co’s Ultimate SUP Showdown was by far one of the best organized events I have ever been to. First of all – Most all of the top surf and race competitors that were invited were at the event. The heats in both surf and race were on time. They stuck to the schedule. Then there is the fact that CBS Sports was there and is going to televise the event on Prime Time TV.

At the end of the day it was a race in the surf – but if you wanted a slot on the first line in the Showdown you had to do decent in both the surfing and the racing. This was a huge advantage for the people on the first row – having that open clean water and having about a 2-3 second lead on the back row.

This is what makes the Showdown a different format. The organizer Boyd Jeffery sees the future of the sport that promotes the surfers to become better racers and vice versa.

So to qualify for the Ultimate Showdown – the top 12 men and 4 women from the surf event – and then the top 12 men and 4 women from the race event are selected to compete. But your combined score from both events put you in either the front row – or the back.

I was fortunate to do well in both events – and was in the first row!

I made my first surfing heat but my second one I didn’t get so lucky. Unfortunately, I popped my shoulder out doing a backside crossbow turn. However my first race heat I placed first – which is always nice. That was the end of day one and I got a good meal in me and got some sleep.

I was hoping when I woke up my shoulder pain would have gone away, but when I did wake up I was in much more pain. Luckily the race heats were after the surf heats – so I went to a chiropractor to check it out. He said after you pop your shoulder out like that it stays tender for a few days if not longer. Plus there was nothing he could do for me. So I just had bite the bullet and go for it.

The last day of the event, I just had to make the semi’s in the racing and then do good in the finals – so that I would qualify for the Showdown. Of course the goal is to Win the Showdown again like I did last year.

I did a quick warm up and my shoulder was killing me. I knew I had to just go into another zone – but even for my first heat I had a hard time pushing through it, but I ended up in second and I advanced to the finals. We had a very short break and straight into the final race heat. This one was more stacked then before and I needed to place good to advance. My shoulder was killing me, but I pushed my hardest and ended up in 5th that race. I was having a hard time, but I got some rest and just visualized myself jumping across the finish line again. After about 2 hours of this picture running through my head over and over I was ready to give it my all.

I lined up on the start line and had that mental image replaying in my head. I was waiting for the horn and when it blew and I sprinted down to the water and didn’t look back. I got a great start – I turned the first buoy in first place and knew there was someone on my tail – and I just stayed at a steady pace and didn’t let anyone pass me. I completed the second, third and the outside fourth buoy still in the lead, but with Kai right on my tail. On the way back in, Kai kept bumping me and was playing dirty, so I made a move which left him behind me. Of course he didn’t like this and on the next buoy turn I was more then 3/4 around it and he still tried to get on the inside and I think purposely rammed into me to knock me off but he didn’t. He just put a huge hole in my board (photo sequence below). I just blocked him out and still had only one thing on my mind and that was to win. I ended up sneaking into a little wave that didn’t break and got it to the second to the last buoy. After I turned I notice I had a comfortable lead and I was getting more and more excited. Coming in on the home stretch I was so stoked to power through my injury and come out on top. Super stoked to have made such a great connection with the event organizer Boyd, because now we have one of the sickest events ever and for many more years to come.

I want to thank my sponsors for all their support – Starboard, Dakine, Maui Jim Sunglasses, Rainbow Sandals, Futures Fins, UB Super, Virus Sportswear, Trident Sports, GoPro, OnIt Pro, Waterman’s Sunscreen, Garmin, Igloo Coolers, Hammer Nutrition, iDcard, Sunrite Maui, and Hi-Tech Sports.

Also a big Mahalo to all the event Organizers, CBS SPORTS and all the Volunteers. Great Event!!

Connor Baxter

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Following him on Instagram
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CAMP DAVID SUP World Cup 2014 Highlight Clip

Zwei Tage lang kämpften 28 Profis aus 14 Nationen um wichtige Ranglistenpunkte und ein Preisgeld von 25.000 USD. 58 Amateure paddelten in Fun-Races um den Sieg und ein Preisgeld von 3.975 Euro.

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Starboard’s Connor Baxter Takes 1st, Zane Schweitzer 4th in Germany!

Starboard's Connor Baxter Takes 1st, Zane Schweitzer 4th in Germany!

Congratualtions to the entire Starboard Racing Team as they place 5 out of the top 10 finishes in Fehmarn, Germany over the weekend. Connor Baxter came in 2nd in the sprints on Saturday, narrowly behind Kai Lenny and then on Sunday he poured it on, winning the distance event. This giving him the overall win.

Zane Schweitzer who had already secured the European Cup Championship, finished 4th in the sprints and 3rd in the distance to end the final competition in 4th place.

Dylan Frick (7th), Leonard Nika (8th), and Roman Frejo (9th) rounded out the top 10 for Starboard.

Before the boys head home to Maui for the M2M race this weekend, Zane was able to provide a final recap from Germany here:

Fehmarn was my last big trip and contest before heading home after a long trip in Europe! I left from Barrika Surf Camp in Basque Country, Spain, and arrived to Hamburg with Florian and Carsten there waiting for me! We drive up together to Fehmarn island where we worked setting up the Starboard booth and site. This event was set up huge, and so amazingly. Live music, BMX park and expo on the beach, Slack line expo, SUP clinics, Celebrity signing and private SUP lessons, great food and beer for all the visitor and spectators and a massive event to appeal to a large number of people and create positive awareness of the sport!

The first night in Fehmarn I camped out on the beach inside the Starboard tent, it was actually surprisingly comfortable, I snagged some futon cushions and bean bags from the lounge area and it made for a comfortable sleep!! When I woke up that next morning we taught Stand up paddle clinics to the public and celebrities, then had the charity relay race! It was a blast! All the athletes starting flowing in by now and it’s always good meeting up with the crew and friends when following the tour!!

For the weekend of competition I had a nice hotel room and good company, I was excited for the sprint races the next day!
In the sprints I was feeling great! Hitting the beach in first all the way to the Final. Unfortunately for me I had a bit a bad start with a small collision with Jake Jensen, and that made me miss a few stokes throughout off my rhythm; all it takes is missing 1 stroke to lose first position in these races lately with such strong competition. I ended up finishing 4th position which I wasn’t too impressed with.. But I learned a lot and it made me hungry for the next days Distance race.

In the morning we woke up to honking 25-30knots on onshore wind and wind swell close to a meter high, making for a very challenging day of racing ahead of us on the 10km course. The event organizers made a awesome decision to take advantage of the weather and conditions and change the long distance course to somewhat of a down-winder! It started with 1km side onshore wind up the coast, then 4km downwind, followed by 2 laps of a 2km course that was half straight up wind and half downwind.. It was a tough course and race but made for a really diverse course.
With Connor in the lead by a good amount most of the race, I was just behind Kai Lenny and Jake Jensen. Close to half way through the race I passed Kai and Jake and was sure to finish in 2nd! On the last downwind leg before the sandy and deep water run through the beach
finish Jake came from behind and was battling me all the way to the first shallow sandbar, where he out ran me with his taller, long legs and fast run through the deep water, finishing with a near photo-finish m a meter in front of me through the beach run finish line.. But I was still super stoked to have gotten 3rd and beat Kai Lenny, one of my strongest competitors!

I really wanted to finish top 2 in this one and come home with another big victory but I had to settle with a 4th place overall finish!

After the races Connor and I immediately started packing up and getting ready for our flight home the next morning! Maui Bound!!!

On my route back home I had 15 hours in Bilbao to pick up my suit case and other things and squeeze in a SUP Session out at Sopelana before heading on my next flight back home!! It was actually super fun and off course it felt great to get back in the surf and ride my InZane Starboard 7’1″!

Grateful for the last 2 months of travels, it’s been amazing! Thank you to everyone who have been following me and supporting me on my journeys! Special Mahalo to everyone who I met along the way for all the help when I was lost, for accommodation when I needed a place to stay, lending me equipment and gear to race on when airlines lost mine and most importantly for all the Aloha and hospitality! I have learned so much this trip and have had some of my best results yet in my #StandUpPaddle #Racing Career, and I couldn’t have done it without everyone’s love and support!

See you in the water!

Aloha and Mahalo,
Zane Kekoa Schweitzer

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Maui-2-Molokai – Connor Baxter Wins 6th Consecutive Year

Maui-2-Molokai - Connor Baxter Wins 6th Consecutive Year

Congratulations Connor on your 6th consecutive M2M Championship! Here is a recap from Connor on the event.


The 2014 Maui-2-Molokai World Cup Championships was a great event. We all got up early – 5:00am – so that we could gas up the boat and get over to Mala Wharf to launch our boat. My dad, mom, sister and girlfriend were all on the boat to cheer me on.

The race started at Honolua Bay at 10 o’clock on the dot. When the horn blew Kai, Dave, Livio, Travis and I – as well as the rest of the competitors all stood up and started paddling towards Molokai. There were 76 competitors this year – which was fantastic.

This crossing is a 27 mile race to Kaunanakai town on Molokai. For the first hour we have to get across to Molokai – then for the last two hours we get to go straight down the coast along Molokai. This is my favorite part of the race because you get to catch a lot of great glides that go very far. In the beginning Kai, Travis, Dave and I were all pretty much together and then I caught a perfect swell and put a little gap on everyone. From this point on I didn’t turn around and just kept the power on – catching glide after glide.

Next thing you know I had a very comfortable lead and knowing that I have a lot of races coming up I let off some of the power off and just started surfing the bumps. I was in the zone and kept a good pace going for the last 13 miles down the coast to the harbor. When I finally saw the harbor entrance I knew I had the win, but I hadn’t noticed Kai gaining on me. So my dad, mom, sister and girlfriend started yelling to paddle harder. So I shifted into overdrive and put the power on for the last 5 miles. It was high tide so I decided to go on the inside through the reef – which was smart but very risky. I had a few moments where I hit my fin and had to jump on the nose of my board. I kept the lead with a solid two minutes ahead of Kai. Dave Kalama was third, Travis Grant fourth and Livio Menelau fifth.

My time was 3 hours and 4 minutes – only 9 minutes off my official record time set of 2 hours 55 minutes. Not bad considering the conditions were not as epic as that year.

I am super stoked to win this crossing again for my 6th time in a row. I now have a good feeling that this is my race and my goal is to win it for many more years to come.

I want to thank my sponsors for all their support – Starboard, Dakine, Maui Jim Sunglasses, Rainbow Sandals, Futures Fins, Virus Sportswear, Trident Sports, GoPro, OnIt Pro, Waterman’s Sunscreen, Garmin, Igloo Coolers, Hammer Nutrition, iDcard, Sunrite Maui, and Hi-Tech Sports.

Also a big Mahalo to all the event organizers and volunteers. Great Event!! Thanks Rodney!

Connor Baxter

Photos by Karen Baxter and Ashley Baxter

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Lost in Lost Mills: Starboard’s Zane Schweitzer Recap

Lost in Lost Mills: Starboard's Zane Schweitzer Recap

What a a Race… What a finish… and What lessons learned. Many of the top SUP racing athletes from around the world descended on Lost Mills, Germany to crown a fastest paddler on earth and to see who would become this years Champion of one of the most exciting events on the European racing circuit. As you can read from Starboard’s Zane Schweitzer, the event was full of surprises and gutsy finishes.

Congrats to Eric Terrien for staying on course and to Danny Ching (2nd), Connor Baxter (3rd), Beau O’Brian (4th), Leonard Nika (8th), Dylan Frick (13th) and Zane Schweitzer (14th), for not giving up and coming from 200 meters behind to finish strong!

A full recap can be found here:>

More from Zane here:
The “LOST” Mills! Where do I start!? …. I am sure you have already heard but we really all got LOST.

Having Barrika Surf Camp as my European home base in the Basque Country has been perfect. There has been big SUP Races every weekend here in Europe and its been a great place to relax and train for the European Tour, as well as catch some fun waves surfing every day!! After Oleron I spent the week training and relaxing for The Lost Mills Race in Germany, I was super excited for this event since guys like Connor Baxter, Danny Ching, Georges Cronsteadt and Chase Kosterlitz were going to be there; a truly elite group of paddlers who don’t attend much Waterman League World Race Series events.

When I arrived to Lost Mills it seemed to be it was going to be a great weekend, all kind of activities at the event site and plenty of people around. I met with the Starboard Rep, Roland, after trying to find my way through the Metro train system, getting lost on the way from the airport! (This might have been a fore shadowing of what was to happen haha) Roland set me up with a 2014 14’ x 24” Sprint for the event and a paddle to borrow.. Once again I was riding equipment I was not familiar with but still was feeling strong and confident to finish well. The first day of racing was the 200 meter time trial sprints, each person raced on their own, one at a time, which was a trip, something I have never tried before so I was excited to give it a go! It was a really tough race because there was a lot of inconsistent wind; some competitors got strong downwind gusts and others didn’t, and this actually had a big effect on the times! I ended up finishing in 7th place, just 1 second away from being in the top 3, the times were so close!! This event was not part of the Champions tour points but it was a great race and good fun. Saturday’s distance event was the big race that counted for the points and prize money. Some of the competitors like George Constead and Chase Kosterlitz chose not to race in the 200meter sprints to save their energy for the distance..

I was hungry for this 18km distance race, I’ve really been liking the long distance competitions lately and felt confident I could finish top 3 or 4 in this event! The energy at the start of the race was really cool, probably close to 100 paddlers and everyone was stoked up! At the start it was close to a sprint pace for the first kilometer, separating the packs and defining the draft groups. I was up in the top of the pack in the leading train off to the side of Danny Ching, Connor Baxter, and Jake Jensen for most of the way down the lake, about the first half of the race. What makes this race real tricky is the 200 meter beach run with the 14 foot boards around the damn, and this really winded a lot of the competitors including myself!! After the first beach run, we came to the end of the lake, close to where we are supposed to turn around and head back up. But this is where we all had a very unpleasant surprise.. The top 20 or so lead paddlers turned at the wrong buoy and we didn’t realize it untill we probably paddled about 200-400 meters off course.. Casper and Pual Jacson (Jacko) notice our mistake when they turned their shoulder and saw that Eric Terrain’s train way in the back was continuing in the opposite direction.. They whistled at us and we all just stopped paddling for what seemed like a minute and we were all baffled.. Then it was back to reality when some of us decided to continue fighting to catch up and others decided to finish the race with a leisure paddle after being bummed with our loss in time and at least 40 positions.. My biggest mistake was obviously not knowing the course and trusting the best paddlers in the world to know it, but none of us had it right.. My next mistake I made was delaying a bit too long after we realized we had been lead off course, I should have right away flipped around and motor boated towards Danny and Connor because they had been firing their way back towards the right direction.. I hesitated, because I was confused, before following them again. It felt like NasCar passing so many people, I have never in my life of racing seen so many people in front of me, but I was able to make up a lot of ground and go from top 3 to around 50th place and then back up to the top 15.. It was a really long sprint picking off train group by train group to gain our ground back and I was leading a train of a big pack of racers back up to the top train, but after sprinting an extra 500 meters to gain ground, what really killed me was the second 200 meter beach run… Every step I took my legs were cramping sucking my knees up to my chest and I had to force each step back to the ground… When I got to the water I lost a big gap on the lead train so again I had to work so hard to catch up to them, but it wasn’t over.. I called for my Starboard team mate Dylan Frick who was now just behind me from the last big train to pull to my lead so I could draft him for a bit and drink some water and wait for my legs to stop cramping!! By the time I found my next wind to push, the top 5 or so had really pulled away from making their own train and we got stuck for a while picking off people in the 2nd train, but it was just too late as the finish line was coming closer and closer.. I ended up finishing in 14th overall and definitely was not stoked, but I was proud of all of us paddlers in the top that went the extra mile and pushed hard to make up our ground from our mistake.. Most distance races for safety concerns and for Athletes peace of mind will have an escort boat to make sure everyone is on the right course and is safe, but they did not have an escort boat at the Lost Mills event and this was the only thing that I thought was a big mistake for the event, because it cost some of the worlds best paddlers their race. And there was even more drama for Chase Kosterlitz and Georges Cronsteadt. When they crossed they approached the finish line they dropped their board and PADDLE. The rules state you must carry your paddle across the finish line at every race so Chase had to run back and get his paddle and cross the line again giving up at least 2 positions, but George was either to exhausted, or just was too frustrated after all the drama of the race and just didn’t go back to get his paddle and recross the finish line so even though he crossed in the top 10 spots, he was disqualified. Another lesson learned: Learn from us, learn the course, and remember your paddle across the finish line!!! Haha

Once we finished there was huffing and puffing, people throwing up , everyone complaining about not having an escort boat, and all kind of hum bug towards the event directors for this. But at the end of it all we were all laughing it off and chalked it off as a very important lesson well learned after a few beers and some Vitargo.. Huge congrats to Eric Terrien on his second Lost Mills win, he raced smart and fast! And of cours congratulations to Danny Ching, Connor Baxter and Beau O’Brian for not hesitating for a second to turn around and continue fighting and make it all the way back up to the top 5 after our big mistake that lead us way off course! Good Work boyz!!!!! Next year we’ll know the course.

Until the next one!! See you on the water!!

Photo credit: Ernstfried Prade/Lost Mills

Photo Credit: Peter Steinfath

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Recapping Abu Dhabi World Tour and Series

Recapping Abu Dhabi World Tour and Series

The Starboard Team riders put on an outstanding display in both surf SUP and Racing in Abu Dhabi with Izzi Gomez stealing the show with her Grand Slam title. Izzi won the women’s surf title. This is the first Grand Slam title for Izzi as she only started competing in the race division in Abu Dhabi.

Zane Schweitzer was another surprise as he ended up in 2nd in the sprint races and 3rd overall for racing. This propelled Zane into a 3rd place standing for the Grand Slam.

Connor Baxter ended up 2nd in the Race division just behind Kai Lenny and we saw Iballa Moreno reach 2nd in the women’s surf Sup division and Sean Poynter in 2nd for the men’s SUP surf division.

All-in-all a fantastic showing for our Starboard team. Congrats to all who participated!

Connor is off to compete next in the Carolina Cup, Zane is attending Stand Up for the Cure, then he will pack up and head to the Carribean Island of St Croix for the Coconut Cup. The Surf Tour takes a break and will resume in CA.

(Photographer : Matty Schweitzer)

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Starboard’s Connor Baxter Wins, Zane Schweitzer 3rd in Abu Dhabi

Starboard's Connor Baxter Wins, Zane Schweitzer 3rd in Abu Dhabi

Congratulations to Connor Baxter for winning the long distance portion of the Stand UP World Tour event in Abu Dhabi. Connor fought hard to maintain his lead by out paddling Kai Lenny to the finish. This is Connor’s second straight victory following his outstanding performance in Brazil.

Starboard’s Zane Schweitzer is clearly showing he is a force to be reckoned with on the racing scene as he came in 3rd in the distance, just seconds behind Kai and in front of many of the top racers from around the world.

In the women’s division, winner of the SUP surf event, Izzi Gomez, showed off her racing skills and after her performance in the distance, she is now in the lead to win the Grand Slam at Abu Dhabi.

We congratulate all of the Starboard racers for a great showing!
Tune in for an update as we await the results of the sprint races.

( photographer : Matty Schweitzer )

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