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The Butterfly Effect Gets Women on the Water

Butterfly Effect Gets Women on the Water

This year’s Butterfly Effect (BE) Maui event was huge! Over 400 women participated and paddled Maui’s North Shore in extreme conditions. The winds were howling, boards were being blown and flipped over along the beach, shorebreak was crunching, and the waters were choppy.

I expected the women—or ‘Butterflies’—to turn away at Baldwin Beach and say, ‘no way,’ to the downwinder, but they jumped right onboard with the encouragement of one another and accomplished the three-mile downwinder—which is something that not many people can say they’ve done in their lifetime. Being ‘Mama Butterfly’ to all the Butterfly Effect participants, I was concerned for the safety of all and was a worried wreck throughout the entire morning. But then, everyone started to arrive at Kanaha Beach with huge smiles strewn across their faces, laughing about their crazy experiences of being pounded by waves.

It was amazing. I thought I would’ve seen some fear, and maybe even tears in the participants’ eyes, but to my surprise, they all felt so accomplished, were full of confidence, and ready to paddle again.