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2010 Surftech Kalamalka Classic SUP Race

2010 Surftech Kalamalka Classic Report...

Race number one on Saturday was a 3.5 mile loop that included a 200 yard portage over a spit of land that stuck out into Lake Kalamalka. A dozen guys lined up in this stock-only race. Myself and Norm Hann of Squamish got out to an early lead. We paddled side by side for the first 1.5 miles. I slowly started to pull away and wanted to good gap before the run section. When I hit the beach for the portage I looked back and saw that I had about 1 minute over Norm. After the portage we had about 1 mile to go to the finish. I decided to go just hard enough to hold the lead but wanted to save as much energy as possible for the next days 10 miler. I hit the beach and ran to the finish line about 1 minute before Norm.

The second days race was a 10 miler, the length of Kalamalka Lake. There was very little wind and the temp. reached about 80 degrees. They started the women first, the stock guys 10 minutes later, then the 14 foot and over 10 minutes after that. My self, Norm and Brodie Shandro of Surftech stayed together for about a mile... The conditions were perfect for the Naish Javelin and I steadily pulled away, with Norm staying about 1 minute behind me. At the 6 mile point I caught the first woman and the first stock guy. It was HOT and my Camel Bak was almost empty. I hit the finish line on Kalamalka Beach in 1:49, 5 minutes ahead of Norm. That gave me and the Javelin a 5.4 mph average for the 9.9 mile course.

On Saturday, 3 of the top 5 finishers were using Kialoa Paddles. On Sunday, the top 3 guys had Kialoa's! What else is there?

So two races and two wins for the American guy on Canadian soil (-:

Beau Whitehead

Top 5 guys from Saturdays 3.5 miler...

Top 3 guys from Sundays 10 miler...
Myself & Norm Hann 200 yards into the 10 miler...