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Fitness Profile: Harold Iggy

At 67 years of age, most men think about retirement or about how they are going to slow down and shift gears. For Oahu,
North Shore shaper, age is just a bunch of numbers. Iggy, as he is known in the surfing world, has been crafting surfboards for some of
the world’s best since the mid 1960’s not to mention sailboards for the international known Naish label for over two decades.
With the new explosion globally in the world of standup paddle, he still has the drive and momentum to take him well into the next few
decades. So how does this low-profile craftsman keep his tools of the trade so sharp?

Iggy attributes his good health and energy to eating right. “Moderation in any diet is important.” Iggy says. Cooking and eating
a well balanced diet of “rainbow” food, meaning colorful food, dark greens and deep reds, which entails a lot of veggies. In addition to
eating right Iggy maintains his high energy level practicing Hakkoryu Jujutsu and Shiatsu. Hakkoryu Jujutsu has taught him to use the
“left and right” sides of his brain, which allows one to have strength to use the correct muscle applications for any type of sport. “Shiatsu
keeps me well balanced inside and out.” He states as only one who practices it could. “In Windsurfing I have to use both the “left and
right” side to port tack and starboard tack as I wave ride. As I age, I think it benefits me to constantly be aware of challenging my body to
be as sharp as possible.”
Lifestyle for Iggy is not planned. His mantra is simple. Meet the challenges as they appear. Iggy believes that it is also an integral
part of the creative mind of a shaper. Living on the North Shore is an ideal environment, when conditions allow Iggy surfs, windsurfs,

standup paddles, or does down-wind runs. It’s no wonder that part of his lifestyle belief is to share knowledge to help others advance in their enjoyment of water sports.

We inquired of Iggy what his typical day consists of and it’s not for the faint of heart, not everyone’s day begins as early as Iggy’s. He’s
one of the few, the proud, “the dawn patrol”. He checks out conditions from Waimea to Haleiwa and depending on conditions, surfs or wave
rides an SUP. Out of the water around 9:00 a.m. and back in his shaping room where he focuses working on research and development
boards for Naish Hawaii or on his own shaping projects and if the wind conditions are right, you could find him at Backyards sailing in the
early afternoon. Iggy eats a good dinner and in bed by 8:30 p.m. With his life full, Iggy takes time to vary his workouts. In addition
to water activity he jogs with weights, jumps on a trampoline and hikes in the Pupukea Hills but finds SUP contributes to his wellbeing
because it feeds his creativity. “As I ride, different ideas run through my mind: How can I improve this design? Should I change
the fin placement? What about changing the outline? Is this board performing as I want it to? These same thoughts apply to race SUP
boards: Should I make it shorter? Longer? Shaping race SUP boards involves a different approach. They are 14-17’ long with no
wave riding, but they need to be fast and controllable. There are so many facets to the sport of riding an SUP, wave riding, racing,
recreational riding, I have a lot to think about!” SUP is easy to learn, but to paddle efficiently the whole body
needs to used. “It’s not just strength in the arms as I paddle; I am learning to coordinate all the muscles in my body to paddle
efficiently. The more time I spend in the water the more I learn, it’s like canoe paddling: practice, practice.” He defines.
Being that SUP is just one of the water sports Iggy participates in he finds all of his sports contribute to enhancing his SUP
abilities in balance and knowledge of ocean conditions. One helps the other.

Iggy believes the benefits of SUP are there for everyone. Any age can participate, at any skill level. Whole families from
grandparents to grand-kids can enjoy this sport together. And more and more serious water sportsman are participating in
SUP, both in big wave riding as well as downwind runs. There is something for everyone.